Departments & Operations

The District is responsible for governing the municipality under the Local Government Act. Services are provided either directly or through partnerships with various boards—such as the Library Board or the Police Board—or other municipalities and regional governments. The District is also responsible for collecting taxes for other agencies that provide services such as education, health, transit and regional utilities.

Department Listings

The District of West Vancouver employs more than 875 employees and provides services to more than 44,000 residents and 3,200 businesses.

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Other Jurisdictions

The District operates as an advocate for members of the community related to projects or initiatives in West Vancouver that are led by agencies outside our municipal jurisdiction.

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The District of West Vancouver is committed to implementing, maintaining and enhancing accessibility for all by demonstrating a leadership role in meeting the needs of all community members for whom accessibility is a concern.

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Since 1926, the Capilano View Cemetery has offered the residents of West Vancouver a tranquil place of beauty and history to remember and reflect.

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See the Directory for a detailed listing of department contacts, how to make a service request, and other key contacts.


Claims against the District

Claims can arise from a variety of situations, such as potholes, water damage, sewer back-ups or trips and falls. If you feel the District is responsible for your loss or damages, you can make a claim.

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