Park User Survey 2011

Survey Type: 
Survey Date: 
Jun 10, 2011

The District Of West Vancouver wished to gain insight into households’ usage of West Vancouver’s parks, including the types of outdoor activities in which they participate.

The specific objectives of the tracking survey are to:

  • Determine the types of outdoor recreation activities households participated in over the past year
  • Determine the reasons for visiting various types of West Vancouver parks
  • Understand the reasons for not visiting West Vancouver parks
  • Measure the usage and frequency of visiting various types of parks
  • Measure usage (incidence & type of usage) of the Upper Lands
  • Elicit suggestions for changes and improvements that could be made to West Vancouver parks to enhance residents’ enjoyment of parks and open spaces
  • Determine what changes, if any, have occurred in terms of park usage and activity participation
  • Opinions on the adequacy of West Vancouver parks and recreational facilities
  • Satisfaction with maintenance and upkeep of parks and related areas
  • Support for various options to raise funds for park improvements

The District intends to utilize the information gathered from the research study to guide the development of a parks master plan. This report presents the findings from the 2011 study and where possible, compares current findings against 2002 and 2006.