North Shore Child and Family Friendliness Survey

Survey Type: 
Survey Date: 
Apr 1, 2013

In October 2011, the North Shore Congress, a forum of elected and appointed public officials, endorsed the ‘Child and Family Friendly Community Charter’.  In order to examine the perceptions of the degree to which the North Shore was experienced as ‘child and family friendly’, it was decided that community feedback was needed.  From January to March 2013, service providers and parents were invited to provide feedback on their perceptions of ‘child and family friendliness’ on the North Shore as it relates to children ages 0–12.  Two separate community consultation processes were held, and reports were prepared to offer four perspectives: parent perspectives from the District of West Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, and from the District of North Vancouver, respectively; and a combined report showing perspectives of all the service providers and parents who participated in the survey.

Perspectives of Service Providers and Parents

Perspectives of Parents from the DWV