Strategies & Plans

Strategies and plans are developed in consultation with the community, and provide a policy framework to achieve long-term goals.

Community Strategic Plan
Jul 7, 2010

The Strategic Plan Working Group (2010) took the lead in developing a Strategic Plan, supported by a vision and mission statement.

Corporate Energy & Emissions Plan
Sep 30, 2016

West Vancouver has taken a leadership role in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within its own operations. This plan supports the District's goals and commitments with regards to climate action, community sustainability and asset management.

Cycling Network and Greenway Plan
Jun 19, 2007

The two key goals of the Cycling Network and Greenway Plan are to 1) increase bicycle and walking trips; and, 2) improve safety for cyclists and greenway users.

The Cycling Network and Greenway Plan was approved by Council in 2007. In June 2012, the Engineering Department reviewed the 2007 plan, updated the network map and presented an implementation strategy that was approved by Council. The Cycling Network Implementation Plan Report lays out a strategy for implementing on-street cycling route improvements, particularly in the Ambleside and Dundarave areas.

Economic Development Plan
Jan 1, 2018

The preparation of an Economic Development Plan for the District of West Vancouver was initiated in early 2016. Work included nearly two years of research, stakeholder engagement, academic and other working partnerships and strategy development.

This plan represents the first in-depth analysis of local economic conditions in West Vancouver—both the challenges and the opportunities and the relationship between local economic health and community resilience. It has also clarified the municipality’s role in economic development: to grow and diversify the local economy to support existing and future businesses, provide more local employment opportunities and broaden the municipal tax base. 

The plan shifts our thinking about West Vancouver’s economy from purely serving the needs of local residents to what it takes to build a more vibrant, thriving and sustainable local economy over the long-term.

It is founded on three strategies focused on visitors, commercial areas and emerging opportunities. Individually, these strategies will capitalize on business opportunities in key economic sectors—be they immediate or short-term opportunities or longer-term possibilities. Together, they provide the framework for a sustainable local economy.

Part A of this document speaks to the role of municipal economic development and the District’s economic partnership model. The plan’s three key strategies for economic diversification are presented in Parts B, C and D respectively.

Emergency Plan
Jun 30, 2007

The Emergency Plan serves as a guide for Council and staff in order to prepare for, and respond to, major emergencies and disasters affecting the District. It is required by legislation, and this is the plan referenced in the District of West Vancouver Municipal Bylaw No. 4309 (2002), North Shore Disaster Bylaw No. 4485 (2006), and Section 6(2) of the Provincial Emergency Program Act.

Environmental Strategy
Jun 30, 2005

As part of the District's commitment to move towards a more sustainable future, Council adopted an Environmental Strategy that outlines how the environmental policies of the Official Community Plan will be put into action.

The strategy recognizes that environmental stewardship is the shared responsibility of the entire District and has been developed cooperatively by all municipal departments. The Environmental Strategy is designed to protect our natural resources and preserve ecosystems. 

Five Year Financial Plan 2019–2023
Jan 1, 2019

This plan reflects the District's ongoing commitment to provide high-quality services and programs to the community in a fiscally responsible manner. This year’s budget process addresses the rising costs of providing these services while carefully considering the use of taxpayers’ dollars.

Five-Year Financial Plan
Dec 1, 2013

In the Five-Year Financial Plan, the District outlines how it has allocated its available resources to achieve Council’s priorities while continuing to deliver services at the high level expected by District residents.

This plan is often referred to as the budget for the year. 

Heritage Strategic Plan
Jun 19, 2006

The plan lays out 10 high-level strategies and 39 recommended actions for developing a heritage conservation program for West Vancouver. The plan is to be implemented over a 10 to15-year time frame.

Housing Action Plan
Mar 30, 2013

Council adopted this plan on February 18, 2013. This document builds on the Official Community Plan (OCP) and the 2007-2008 Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing. It provides a framework to: continue the dialogue on housing issues and opportunities in the community; clarify West Vancouver’s goals for housing diversity and affordability; and, identify possible local government actions to address these goals and establish priorities for West Vancouver.