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The documents found here include all reports except Reports to Council. These include financial and working group reports. Search by type or year. Reports to Council can be found in the agendas and minutes section.

Financial Information Act Reports

The Financial Information Act regulations require all local governments, to make available to members of the public certain detailed financial schedules in addition to the regular year-end financial statements of the District. This information consists of detailed listings of

  • remuneration and expenses for all members of Council
  • remuneration and expenses for all employees with salaries in excess of $75,000
  • payments aggregating in excess of $25,000 to suppliers of goods and services
  • a statement regarding any employee severance agreements in effect for the year

A separate requirement under the Community Charter is to report details of all permissive property tax exemptions for the year. For convenience, that report is included with the FIA schedules.

2019 Financial Information Act Report 2018 Financial Information Act Report 2017 Financial Information Act Report 2016 Financial Information Act Report 2015 Financial Information Act Report 2014 Financial Information Act Report 2013 Financial Information Act Report 2012 Financial Information Act Report 2011 Financial Information Act Report 2010 Financial Information Act Report
Fire & Rescue Services Review Working Group
Working Group

This working group examined long-term options for the delivery of fire and rescue services in the District of West Vancouver. The term was November 15, 2007 to January 2008.

Fire & Rescue Services Review Working Group
Fiscal Sustainability Review - 2015

The purpose of this report is to provide a source of information for the District’s General Fund capital asset expenditures for the next twenty years (2016 to 2035). The General Fund includes all of the District’s facilities, infrastructure, and equipment, with the exception of the Utility infrastructure (pipes, lift stations, pumps, and other water, sewer, and drainage fund assets). This document provides a compilation of all of the District’s General Fund assets, along with updated service lives and a 20-year projection, by asset class, of present value replacement costs as at 2015.

A comprehensive understanding of long-term asset management is a key requirement in support of fiscal sustainability. The creation of this listing, and the anticipated replacement cost projections, is an important step in creating a meaningful long-term financial plan for asset management in the District. The report provides the District with current capital asset and infrastructure data that informs and supports the District in its ongoing asset management process. 

General Fund Capital Assets Long-term Planning & Projections
Fiscal Sustainability Task Force - 2006
Working Group

In May 2006, Council created the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force to make recommendations on fiscal strategies and actions that will assist the District with making decisions that are fiscally responsible and ensure a sustainable economic future for the community.

The Task Force delivered their final report to Council on November 27, 2006.

Memo to Council - Next Steps Fiscal Sustainability Task Force final Report To Council
Housing Needs Report

The District of West Vancouver has prepared a Housing Needs Report that is consistent with provincial legislation. It outlines existing and anticipated housing needs over a five-year time frame and will be presented to Council at an upcoming meeting.

2020 Housing Needs Report
Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

An Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) helps to protect life and properties from flood and erosion hazards, maintain public safety through creek management, and protect fisheries and wildlife habitat. This ISMP is intended to protect the watershed health of the five creek drainage areas and to provide a master drainage plan for securing drainage protection within the study area. 

The report summarizes the climate and drainage characteristics of the five watersheds. It also includes priorities for major and minor improvements and their costs.  

This ISMP is part of the District’s commitments under Metro Vancouver’s Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan (ILWRMP). 

A physical copy is available for inspection at the Engineering Department on the third floor of Municipal Hall.

Please note: these are large files and may take some time to download.

Vinson, Brothers and Hadden Creeks Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (October 2017) Five Creeks Integrated Stormwater Management Plan Report (2013) Appendices A-B Appendices C-F Appendices G-J Appendices K-O Appendices P-S
Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group Final Report
Working Group

In April 2016, Council adopted an Interim Tree Bylaw. Public consultation on the Interim Tree Bylaw to date has provided a wide range of community input. The working group has concluded their work of developing a balanced, sound and well-developed approach to regulating trees on private properties.

The Council Report summarizes the analysis of the Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group's Final Report and provides recommendations to approve an amended Interim Tree Bylaw.

Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group Final Report May 6, 2019, Council Report
Key Performance Indicators Task Group Report

The Key Performance Indicators Task Group was created as an advisory related specifically to developing, in conjunction with District staff, a comprehensive list of key performance indicators. The task group reviewed:

  • Divisional Core Service Reviews (Parks and Community Services, Engineering and Transportation, Fire and Rescue, and the Memorial Library)
  • 2011 KPI Guidelines Report
  • Reports and findings prepared by the Value for Services Working Group
  • Reports and findings prepared by the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force
  • All relevant background documents and similar documents and practices in other jurisdictions, including relevant legislation and bylaws

The Finance Committee reported the recommendations to council on November 23, 2016.

Council Report
Measuring Up Working Group Final Report
Working Group

In 2009 this working group completed a community audit for the District of West Vancouver and made recommendations for improvement in addressing accessibility and inclusiveness within our community.

Measuring Up Working Group Final Report
Neighbourhood Character Working Group
Working Group

In August 2018, Council appointed 10 West Vancouver residents to the Neighbourhood Character Working Group and tasked them with proposing regulations and policies to improve neighbourhood character, protect heritage and mitigate the impacts of development.

By undertaking broad community consultation, the Neighbourhood Character Working Group identified, refined, and finalized their recommendations. The final recommendations were presented to Council on December 7, 2020.

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Final Report Appendix to Final Recommendations


Reports to Council

Reports to Council form part of the agenda packages they are submitted with. Visit Agendas and Minutes.