The documents found here include all reports except Reports to Council. These include financial and working group reports. Search by type or year. Reports to Council can be found in the agendas and minutes section.

Ambleside Market Study - Coriolis Report

This study examined the District’s regulations regarding development in Ambleside (including the Zoning Bylaw and the density bonusing system) to see how these impact the financial feasibility of development within Ambleside.  

Coriolis Report
Ambleside Market Study - Urbanics Report

This study looked at the business composition in Ambleside and made recommendations regarding the appropriate commercial mix based upon the community’s goals at the time for Ambleside, the existing businesses, external competition and future growth in Ambleside and the surrounding area. The study included surveys of both business owners and customers.  

Urbanics Ambleside Revitalization Study
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report

The District of West Vancouver (DWV) is participating in the provincial Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) to incent corporate greenhouse gas tracking and reduction.

The CARIP is a program that allows municipalities to recover the money spent each year on carbon tax related to fossil fuels such as gas for fleet vehicles and natural gas for heating buildings. 

To be eligible for this conditional grant, local governments are required to report publicly on their plan and progress toward meeting their climate action goals, the nearest being a 33% reduction by 2020. The reports listed below summarize both the yearly emissions and the actions undertaken by DWV to reduce corporate greenhouse gases.

2011 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2012 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2013 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2013 CARIP Data Summary Report 2014 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2014 CARIP Data Summary Report 2015 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2015 CARIP Data Summary Report 2016 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2016 CARIP Data Summary Report 2017 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2017 CARIP Data Summary Report 2018 CARIP Qualitative Summary Report 2018 CARIP Data Summary Report
Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character & Housing
Working Group

The Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and Housing Working Group guided a year-long consultation process, providing a forum for an in-depth discussion and debate on neighbourhood character and housing issues.

The Community Dialogue was a process of ‘people talking to people’ about the future of their neighbourhoods, and issues related to housing choice and affordability. The Working Group asked questions and listened to what residents had to say about the issues and possible actions for addressing them. The newsletters are part of that dialogue process.

In September 2008, the Working Group delivered their recommendations report to Council. 

Community Dialogue Working Group Report Community Dialogue newsletter 1 Community Dialogue newsletter 2 Community Dialogue newsletter 3 Community Dialogue newsletter 4
Community Reports
Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory (2007)

This report outlines the breakdown of 2007 greenhouse gas emissions from the District's corporate activities. 

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory (2007)
Field Sports Forum Working Group Final Report
Working Group

The Field Sports Forum Working Group was made up of residents representing a cross section of field sport and community interests, to encourage and promote regular communication and collaboration between field sports groups and municipal staff and Council, and develop a Sport Field Master Plan for West Vancouver.

Final Report to Council Sport Field Master Plan
Financial Information Act Reports

The Financial Information Act regulations require all local governments, to make available to members of the public certain detailed financial schedules in addition to the regular year-end financial statements of the District. This information consists of detailed listings of

  • remuneration and expenses for all members of Council
  • remuneration and expenses for all employees with salaries in excess of $75,000
  • payments aggregating in excess of $25,000 to suppliers of goods and services
  • a statement regarding any employee severance agreements in effect for the year

A separate requirement under the Community Charter is to report details of all permissive property tax exemptions for the year. For convenience, that report is included with the FIA schedules.

2018 Financial Information Act Report 2017 Financial Information Act Report 2016 Financial Information Act Report 2015 Financial Information Act Report 2014 Financial Information Act Report 2013 Financial Information Act Report 2012 Financial Information Act Report 2011 Financial Information Act Report 2010 Financial Information Act Report


Reports to Council

Reports to Council form part of the agenda packages they are submitted with. Visit Agendas and Minutes.