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Mayor and Council provide policy direction through a number of means, including municipal bylaws.

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Development Cost Charge Bylaw
Apr 19, 1993
3801, 1993

Effective January 15, 2020 Translink Development Cost fees will apply to building permits and subdivisions. For further information, please visit Translink's website.

Development Cost Charge (Parks) Expenditure Bylaw
May 16, 2016
4900, 2016
Development Cost Charge (Parks) Ambleside Waterfront 2016 Implementation Expenditure Bylaw 4918, 2016
Oct 3, 2016
4918, 2016
Creeks Bylaw
Apr 26, 1982
3013, 1982

Consolidated for Convenience Only.

Council Procedure Bylaw
Nov 4, 2019
5005, 2019
Council Committee Procedure Bylaw
Nov 4, 2019
5020, 2019
Controlled Substance Nuisance Bylaw
Apr 18, 2005
4417, 2005
Cemetery Regulation Bylaw
Jul 26, 2010
4651, 2010

Consolidated for Convenience Only.

Capital Infrastructure Reserve Fund Bylaw
Mar 7, 2016
4882, 2016
Capital Facilities Fund Bylaw
May 3, 2010
4641, 2010

Consolidated for convenience only.



If you have questions or concerns about enforcement of bylaws, please call the Bylaw Services Department.



Certified Copies

The online versions of the District of West Vancouver bylaws are provided for information and convenience purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of online bylaw documents.

Certified copies can be obtained from the Legislative Services Department.