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Mayor and Council provide policy direction through a number of means, including municipal bylaws.

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Parkland Development Cost Charge Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw
Apr 15, 2019
5018, 2019
Park Dedication Bylaw (Whyte Lake Park)
Jul 7, 2014
4794, 2014
Park Dedication Bylaw (Plateau Park)
Jan 8, 2018
4953, 2017
Park Dedication Bylaw (Caulfeild Park)
Dec 14, 2015
4857, 2015
Official Community Plan Bylaw
Jun 25, 2018
4985, 2018

Consolidated for Convenience Only.

See the Official Community Plan for Schedules.

Noise Control Bylaw
May 9, 2005
4404, 2005

Consolidated for Convenience Only.

Municipal Ticket Information System Implementation Bylaw
Jun 21, 2004
4383, 2004
Miscellaneous Parks Dedication Bylaw
Dec 22, 1953
1091, 1945

Consolidated for Convenience Only.

Local Service Tax Bylaw No. 4844, 2015
Oct 5, 2015
4844, 2015
Local Area Service Lane Paving Construction Bylaw
May 1, 2017
4936, 2017

1458-1494 Kings Avenue and 1457-1493 Jefferson Avenue



If you have questions or concerns about enforcement of bylaws, please call the Bylaw Services Department.



Certified Copies

The online versions of the District of West Vancouver bylaws are provided for information and convenience purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of online bylaw documents.

Certified copies can be obtained from the Legislative Services Department.