Regular Council Meeting

Meeting Type
Regular Council Meeting
Meeting Status
Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities

Regular Council meeting held in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities.

Presentation - West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, regarding Annual Update: Information presentation.
Proposed Development Permits 21-189 and 21-190 for 2195 Gordon Avenue (also known as 990 22nd Street): Consideration of application to allow for construction on proposed Parcels A and B.
2022 Community Grants Recommendations: Arts, Culture & Heritage and Community & Social Services Grants: Consideration of approval.
2021 Annual Report: Consideration of approval.
1327 Marine Drive Licence to Encroach – Boulevard Encroachment Agreement: Consideration of approval.
Proposed General Local Elections Regulation Bylaw 4960, 2018, Amendment Bylaw 5217, 2022 (to clarify mail ballot voting procedures): Consideration of adoption.
2021 Statement of Financial Information: Consideration.
Proposed Development Permit for 2452 to 2496 Marine Drive: To set date for consideration.
Proposed Development Variance Permit for 4170 Rose Crescent: To set date for consideration.
5717 Eagle Harbour Road Assignment Assumption Agreement for Encroachment Agreements: Consideration.
Delegation Request: Consideration of approval.