Fire Safety Plan & Pre-Incident Plan Program

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

A Fire Safety Plan is a manual that contains vital information and safety procedures for each affected building and property for the purpose of public safety.  The British Columbia Fire Code requires certain properties, based on building use or occupancy type, to create and maintain a Fire Safety Plan. 

What is a Pre-Incident Plan?

A Pre-Incident Plan is a site plan of a building and property to be used by, and ensure the safety of our firefighters.  West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services requires a Pre-Incident Plan to be submitted along with the Fire Safety Plan.

What is a Construction Fire Safety Plan?

A Construction Fire Safety Plan (C-FSP) is a document that contains written procedures to address the following objectives: the protection of life and property, emergency procedures and fire hazard control. A C-FSP is required for all buildings or portions of buildings and associated areas under construction, alteration, renovation and demolition, and must be prepared prior to construction and submitted for review and approval by West Vancouver Fire Rescue. 

Overview of the Review Process

View information regarding review fees, review stages, an overview of the review process and grading criteria for Fire Safety Plan, Pre Incident Plan and Construction Fire Safety Plan.

Fire Safety Plan, Pre-Incident Plan & Construction Fire Safety Plan Review Process

List of Approved Fire Safety Planners

View the list of current vendors that have been approved by West Vancouver Fire & Rescue:

Approved Fire Safety Planners

Fire Safety Planners wishing to be placed on the list of approved vendors must be able to submit two consecutive Fire Safety Plans with two or fewer minor deficiencies.

How to produce your plans (guidelines)

Only Fire Safety Plans & Pre-Incident Plans produced by a professional Fire Safety Planning Service will be accepted by West Vancouver Fire & Rescue.  To locate a provider, search "Fire Safety Planning Service". These plans must be submitted in PDF format. 

All occupancies in West Vancouver that require a Fire Safety Plan now require a Pre-Incident Plan.

A Fire Prevention Officer will review the information and visit your property to confirm the information.

Make sure your submission includes all of the following:

1.  Fire Safety Plan

Review the links below for content requirements. The Fire Safety Plan is to be submitted in PDF format.

Fire Safety Plan Guidelines

Fire Safety Plan Drawing Example

Fire Safety Plan Drawing Template

2.  Pre-Incident Plan

The Pre-Incident Plan consists of a set of site and floor plan drawings taken from the Fire Safety Plan that have been formatted to be firefighter specific. The Pre-Incident Plan is to be submitted in PDF format. Review the following links below for content requirements.

Pre-Incident Plan Requirements

Pre-Incident Plan Drawing Example

Pre-Incident Plan Drawing Template

Both the Fire Safety Plan and Pre-Incident Plan Drawings will follow the requirements and use the symbols as specified in the following links:

Fire Safety Plan & Pre-Incident Plan Drawing Requirements

Fire Safety Plan & Pre-Incident Plan Drawing Symbols

3.  Vital Information Form

The Vital Information Form extracts firefighter-specific information from the Fire Safety Plan. This document is to be completed by the Fire Safety Planning Service producing your Fire Safety Plan.

Note: Please download the PDF document to complete the form.

Vital Information Form

4.  Appointed Fire Safety Director/Deputy Training Form

This form is to be completed by the fire safety planning company, and the business owner or person responsible for maintenance and safety of the building.

Appointed Fire Safety Director Form

5. Construction Fire Safety Plans

Prior to construction, alteration or demolition a PDF version for the C-FSP shall be prepared by the owner, registered coordinating professional, or designate and be submitted to West Vancouver Fire & Rescue for review and approval.

Only C-FSP's produced by a professional Fire Safety Planning Service will be accepted by West Vancouver Fire & Rescue. Review the links below for content requirements.

Construction Fire Safety Plan Guidelines

General Requirements – Standpipes Fire Department Connections and Site Safety Signage

Shipping Container Requirements

Hot Works Permit Application

Fire Watch Patrol Log Sheet

Dangerous Goods/Compressed Gas Permit Application

Where to submit your documents

The Fire Safety Plan, Pre-Incident Plan Drawings and Vital Information Form must be submitted in the described format by email:



The British Columbia Fire Code outlines certain occupancies that are required to develop a Fire Safety Plan in cooperation with the fire department.

Section of the BC Fire Code identifies the following parameters that would require a Fire Safety Plan: Application

1. Fire emergency procedures conforming to this Section shall be provided for

a.) Every building containing an assembly, <care, treatment or detention occupancy>

b.) Every building required by the British Columbia Building Code to have a fire alarm system.

c.) Demolition and construction sites regulated under Section 5.6.,

d.) Storage areas required to have a fire safety plan in conformance with Articles and

e.) Areas where flammable liquids and combustible liquids are stored or handled, in conformance with Article, and

f.) Areas where hazardous processes or operations occur, in conformance with Article

Where should your completed plans be located?

All buildings requiring a Fire Safety Plan must install an Operations Box. Your Fire Safety Plan will be located in this box.

The Operations Box must be secured with a padlock, with a spare key and lock inside and will be labelled Fire Safety Plan on the front of the box.

The Operations Box is to be installed in a location approved by West Vancouver Fire & Rescue.

Copies of the Fire Safety Plan will also be held by the building owners or owners authorized agents and their appointed fire safety directors.


West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services will charge $150 + GST for the first 2 hours of review. After the first 2 hours, each additional hour will be charged at $150 + GST.

The review and approval process for Construction Fire Safety Plans is included in the Development Plan Review fee. Additional fees will not be charged to review Construction Fire Safety Plans.

Please note that all invoices will be sent directly to the property owner.


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