Opening a Licensed Child Care Facility

Child care is an essential service that contributes significantly to the social and economic well-being of our community. 

To open a licensed child care service in West Vancouver you must obtain two licences:

  1. Provincial Community Care Facilities Licence (CCFL) issued by Vancouver Coastal Health
  2. West Vancouver Business Licence

The Community Care Facilities Licensing Office and the District's Bylaw & Licensing Services Department work together to align the two licensing processes and support child care providers. 

Learn more about the application and approval process for applying and receiving both licenses! 


On April 25, 2022, Council adopted amendments to the Zoning Bylaw to allow licensed childcare, of up to eight children, on sites where there is a single-family dwelling and secondary suite.

1. Contact Vancouver Coastal Health

To get your Community Care Facilities Licence, you have to contact Vancouver Coastal Health

A Community Care Facilities licensing officer will be assigned to provide you with information, consultation and resources on licensing a child care facility.

Your licensing officer is responsible for ensuring that your child care facility meets the requirements of the provincial Child Care Licensing Regulation and the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

The Community Child Care Licensing Office holds free orientation sessions on the North Shore for prospective child care providers.

You may purchase a detailed information resource package at these sessions. This package will include a copy of the provincial regulations as well as sample forms, policies and procedures that are required to operate a licensed child care facility.

2. Find a suitable location

Locate a suitable site for your child care facility. This includes both appropriate indoor and outdoor space.

In the District of West Vancouver, child care is a permitted use in residential, commercial and public assembly zones. However, there are additional provincial and municipal regulations that must be met before approval for a new facility in any zone.

You can arrange to have your  Community Care Facilities Licensing Officer visit the potential site where you can discuss potential challenges regarding the indoor and outdoor space.

3. Apply for your Provincial Community Care Facilities Licence

 Submission of your Community Care Facilities Licence Application initiates the child care licensing process.

The Community Care Licensing Office will inform the Bylaw & Licensing Services of your application and request that the municipality carry out the necessary zoning, building, plumbing, electrical and fire inspections for your proposed site.

Community Care Facilities Licence

4. Apply for a Business Licence

Complete and submit a Business Licence application form attaching fee payment.

Receipt and payment of the application are required before the District will schedule any inspections.

Business Licence Application

5. Review & Inspections

Review by Bylaw and Licensing Services

The Bylaw & Licensing Services Department is responsible for confirming that the location of your proposed child care facility meets municipal zoning requirements.

In all residential zones, approved applications for childcare of up to eight children is permitted 

Child care for nine to 16 children is permitted in residential zones that meet additional municipal regulations such as parking, proximity to other child care facilities, etc. 

If the proposed property is in compliance with the Zoning Bylaw, the Bylaw & Licensing Services Department will then request that building, electrical, plumbing and fire inspections be arranged and conducted.

Building and Fire Inspections

The Permits & Licensing staff will check the building, plumbing and electrical of the location to make sure all provincial and municipal requirements have been met.

Fire & Rescue Services will inspect the location for fire safety. Locations providing care for under eight children are exempt from a fire inspection. 

During inspections, you will be advised if any deficiencies were identified and need to be corrected.

The applicant is responsible for contacting the specific department identifying the deficiency when it has been corrected to request a reinspection.

Vancouver Coastal Health Inspection

At the same time that the District is inspecting and reviewing your child care facility, your Community Care Licensing Officer from Vancouver Coastal Health will continue to work with you to meet provincial regulations. 

Bylaw & Licensing Services will notify your Community Care Licensing Officer that your facility has been approved by the municipality.

The Community Care Facilities Licensing Office at Vancouver Coastal Health will issue a permanent Provincial Community Care Facilities Licence when all provincial and municipal requirements have been fulfilled.


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