Traffic Calming coming soon in two areas

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Sep 11, 2017

We're asking residents in the Eagleridge Drive area (between Marine Drive and Raven Place) and in the Kings Avenue area (between 11th Street and Burley Drive) about proposed traffic calming designs for those areas.

Traffic calming measures are features like traffic circles, speed bumps, centre medians–they force cars to slow down! 


About Eagleridge Corridor Traffic Calming

Eagleridge Drive between Marine Drive and Raven Place (in the Gleneagles area) is in need of traffic calming measures to help stop cars from speeding. The speed limit in the area is currently 30 km/hour.

Safety measures in the area will also be designed to accommodate cyclists, as the route is anticipated to be part of the Bike Network.

Information Meeting:

Wednesday, September 13 from 6:30–8 p.m.
Gleneagles Community Centre, Seaview Room
6262 Marine Drive

View the proposed designs, take the questionnaire and learn more:

Eagleridge Corridor Traffic Calming


About Kings Corridor Traffic Calming

Kings Avenue between 11th Street and Burley Drive is an area where several complaints have been made by area residents regarding speeding cars.

The District recently painted center-line bulb-outs in a few locations, which also consisted of a dedicated bike lane in those areas.

Most of the residents were not satisfied with this solution. In response, the District has completed preliminary designs of a raised centre island to act as a physical barrier to slow drivers down. This design would result in removing street parking on the south side of the street in various locations.

Information Meeting

Tuesday, September 19 from 6:30–8 p.m.
West Vancouver Community Centre, Cedar Room (third floor)
2121 Marine Drive

View the proposed design, take the questionnaire and learn more:

Kings Corridor Traffic Calming


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