North Shore residents, please note: fed bears are dead bears

Publish Date: 
Sep 30, 2016

Failing to properly store garbage and remove food sources from your property means bears are fed and they often end up dead.

With one family of bears moving frequently through the Caulfeild neighbourhood in the District of West Vancouver earlier in September, bylaw officers are urging residents to reduce attractants such as fallen fruit from trees, seed from bird feeders and garbage stored where these bears can get to it.

“These bears keep looking for food in this neighbourhood, and they keep finding it,” said District of West Vancouver senior bylaw officer Paul Reece earlier this month. “If this continues, these bears are likely to remain here, and if there is conflict between people and the bears, the most likely outcome is that the bears will be destroyed. We don’t want that to happen and with the help of residents it can be prevented.”

A common problem is residents put their garbage cans out the night before pick-up rather than early on the pick-up morning as all residents are asked to do. This gives the bears a regular window of time to roam the neighbourhood and feed on trash.

More Information

For details on how to reduce food attractants and other information:

North Shore Bears

To report a wildlife conflict where public safety may be at risk, call the province's Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) hotline:


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