Liquor Licences

There are three types of liquor licences:

  1. Commercial Liquor Licences
  2. amendments to existing liquor licences
  3. Special Occasion Liquor Licences

Commercial Liquor Licences

You need to apply directly to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) of BC for new Commercial Liquor Licences.

If you are applying for a new Liquor Primary or Liquor Primary Club Licence, the following community input needs to be gathered:

  1. the location of the proposed establishment
  2. the number of people the proposed establishment will accommodate
  3. the requested operating hours
  4. the views of residents
  5. the proximity of the proposed establishment to other social or recreational facilities and public buildings
  6. the number of other licensed establishments in the area
  7. the potential traffic, noise and parking problems
  8. municipal zoning
  9. population density and trends
  10. the impact on the community if the application is approved

The LCLB will consider community views among its deciding criteria and will either grant or deny the new licence.

Fees for site and community assessment are listed in the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Amendments to Existing Liquor Licences

You need to apply to the LCLB for any changes to your existing liquor licence, including:

  • changing the location of your business
  • changing your hours of sale
  • changing the name of your business
  • changing your floor-plan
  • increasing your establishment’s occupant load

For a complete list of the amendments to your liquor licence, visit the LCLB website.

Special Occasion Liquor Licences

You need a Special Occasion Liquor Licence for special events, such as a weddings or parties.