Neighbourhood Character Working Group

Citizen members will be appointed on the basis of their ability to listen with an open mind, to think critically, to build consensus and to work towards realistic solutions to the challenges of the issue. Members will be able to advance the work of the working group in an unbiased way and represent the interests and desires of the community.

Members will include a balance of community members and housing industry professionals.


The purpose of the Neighbourhood Character Working Group is to research, propose, consider and review regulations and policies to enhance neighbourhood character and reduce the impacts of development in the District’s Single Family Dwelling Zones. The working group will engage the community and make recommendations to Council regarding the creation of new bylaws and policies and/or the amendment of existing bylaws and policies.


After an orientation session, the working group will review these terms of reference and prepare an initial work plan consistent with the duties described below.

The working group will review existing information regarding neighbourhood character in West Vancouver and options for education, awareness, policy and regulation targeted at mitigating the impacts of development on existing neighbourhoods. Information sources include:

  • the District of West Vancouver’s Official Community Plan as amended;
  • the District of West Vancouver’s Zoning Bylaw, as amended;
  • the District of West Vancouver’s Interim Tree Bylaw, as amended;
  • recent and relevant community demographic trends, housing and real estate trends, development industry practices and design standards;
  • best practices for developers (as related to site preparation, site development and property maintenance) from other jurisdictions and relevant organizations;
  • other relevant documents as appropriate.

Staff Liaison

David Hawkins, Manager, Community Planning & Sustainability



Draft Terms of Reference