Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group

About the working group

In April 2016, Council adopted an Interim Tree Bylaw. Public consultation on the Interim Tree Bylaw to date has provided a wide range of community input. The working group will continue the work of developing a balanced, sound and well-developed approach to regulating trees on private properties.


The working group's purpose is to review options, engage the community and make recommendations regarding the development of a bylaw to regulate trees on private property that balances tree management best practices with community interests.

All members of the community will be able to contribute to this working group's findings and final report via public consultation meetings and other methods.


The working group will review existing information regarding trees in West Vancouver and options for tree management, engage the wider community and stakeholders on potential options for tree management, and based on review of relevant information and findings of the engagement program will make recommendations to Council.

Citizen Members

Andrew Gitt, Craig Bench, Don Harrison, Ernest Bodie, Ian Ferguson, Lisa Morris, Mary Gamel, Nic Tsangarakis and William Cafferata. 

Staff Liaison

Erika Syvokas, Planning Research Assistant



Terms of Reference

the working group's draft recommendations

The Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group Report to Council (dated February 28, 2018) details the working group's background research and discussions, the public engagement process, and the final recommendations related to private tree management in West Vancouver.

The working group's draft recommendations are featured in Appendix A of this report:

Read the Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group Report

Frequently Asked Questions About the Draft Recommendations

Summary of Recommendations

The working group hosted four education sessions in April and accepted comments online.

This step assisted the Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group, staff and Council in understanding the community’s opinion on the proposed changes.

Final Recommendations

The Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group have finalized their recommendations.

Staff have received a copy of the Working Group's report and will be reviewing it and reporting to Council in the fall.