Completed Working Groups

The following working groups have completed their work. Click the links provided for more information.

Working Group Name Documents

Ambleside Town Centre  (July 2007) Supporting Documents

Arts and Culture Strategy Implementation (January 2008) Supporting Documents

Child Care Services Working Group (December 2010) Final Report

Child Care Services Working Group (April 2021) Final Report

Climate Action Working Group (March 2010) Supporting Documents

Community Centre Governance (November 2007) Final Report

Community Energy and Emissions Plan Working Group (2016) Final Report

Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and
Housing Working Group (September 2008)
Supporting Documents

Community Grants/North Shore Social Services Review  
(July 2008)
Final Report

Community Sports Working Group (October 2008) Final Report

Community Website Development Working Group (July 2013) Final Report

Environmental Strategy Implementation Working Group 
(July 2008)
Supporting Documents

Field Sports Forum Working Group Supporting Documents

Fiscal Sustainability Task Force (Nov 2006) Supporting Documents

Fire & Rescue Services Review (April 2008) Supporting Documents

Heritage Strategic Plan Implementation Working Group (October 2008) Supporting Documents

Housing Pilot Program Working Group (May 2010) Final Report

Interim Tree Bylaw Working Group (June 2018) Final Report

Invasive Plant Working Group Supporting Documents

Measuring Up Initiative Working Group (July 2009) Final Report

Neighbourhood Character Working Group (December 2020)

Final Report

Engagement Summary

Parks Master Plan Working Group (2012) Supporting Documents

Rodgers Creek Area Plan  (April 2008) Supporting Documents

Spirit Trail Working Group (July 2009) Supporting Documents

Strategic Planning Working Group (January 2010) Supporting Documents

Strategic Transportation Plan Working Group (April 2010) Supporting Documents

Upper Lands Study Review Working Group (June 2015) Final Report

Value for Services Working Group (December 2009) Supporting Documents



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