Public Art Advisory Committee


The Public Art Advisory Committee is an advisory committee of Council. The primary functions of the Committee are:

  • Make recommendations regarding Public Art Policy and Procedures, and on any matters referred to it by Council.
  • Advise on all issues pertaining to the Public Art Inventory Collection according to Council’s established policy and procedures.
  • To assist with the implementation and enhancement of the Public Art Program.
  • Provide advice regarding best practices for public art funding and opportunities to advance community visual art.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee will review the Public Art and Municipal Art Collection Policy 02-70-213 and the Public Art and Municipal Art Collection Procedure 04-70-214 and make recommendations to Council on proposed amendments to ensure currency and inclusion of best practices in accordance with contemporary theory and implementation.

The Committee will provide oversight of the Public Art Inventory; enrolment criteria, site and display, maintenance and safety, de-accessioning, donations of art and commissioning of new works.

The Committee will annually:

  • provide an annual report and work plan to Council
  • review the terms of reference


An appointment or reappointment of a volunteer member is for a two-year term.  A volunteer member may serve for up to six consecutive years on the Committee.

Council Members

Councillor Gambioli

Citizen Members

James (Jim) Carruthers, Cori Creed, Eric Fiss, Peter Sandor Kiss, Sally Michener, David Morton, Don Vaughan and Patricia Patkau.

Staff Liaison

Doti Niedermayer, Senior Manager, Cultural Services



Terms of Reference

Next Meeting

WVCC Selection Panel Subcommittee

Date: Tuesday, February 18
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Municipal Hall, Raven Room, 750 17th Street


Note: This meeting will be held in closed session.

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