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Design Review Committee


The Design Review Committee (DRC) is an advisory committee of Council that makes recommendations to staff and Council on matters of design, and physical and aesthetic impact, including the impartial and professional review of development applications, relevant policies and regulations, major infrastructure and capital projects, and other matters that may be referred to the DRC by Council or staff from time to time.
The DRC does not approve or reject projects or make policy decisions.


The mandate of the DRC is to consider and review projects, proposals, development applications, and other items, including:

  • development applications for mixed use, commercial, multiple unit residential, and public buildings, and for institutional buildings if such buildings are subject to municipal review;
  • major municipal infrastructure projects, including the design of bridges and new roads;
  • proposed policies and regulations affecting the community’s physical, built, and/or natural environments; and,
  • any other matters referred to the DRC by Council or staff.

Committee Members

Arno Matis, Annerieke van Hoek, Brad Phillips, Jordan Levine, Jason McDougall, Liane McKenna, Benjamin Nelson, Don Harrison.

Council Liaisons

Councillor Thompson (alternate: Councillor Lambur)

Staff Liaison

Lisa Berg, Senior Community Planner 



Naomi Allard, Recording Secretary


Terms of Reference

Next Meeting


The meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 3 has been cancelled.

2020 meetings

Jan. 16​ Cancelled            
Jan. 22 Notice Minutes
Feb. 20 Notice Minutes
March 12 Cancelled  
April 16 Cancelled  
May 21 Cancelled  
June 18 Cancelled  
June 24 Cancelled  
July 16 Cancelled  
July 21 Notice Minutes
Sept. 17 Notice Minutes
Oct. 15 Cancelled  
Nov. 19 Notice  
Dec. 3 Cancelled  

2019 Meetings

Jan. 17 Notice MInutes
Feb. 21 Rescheduled  
Feb. 28 Rescheduled  
March 13 Notice Minutes
March 14 Rescheduled  
April 11 Notice Minutes
May 9 Cancelled  
June 20 Notice Minutes
July 18 Cancelled  
Sept. 19 Notice Minutes
Oct. 17 Cancelled  
Nov. 21 Notice Minutes
Dec. 5 Notice Minutes