Arts Facilities Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee (AFAC) is to make recommendations to staff and Council on the development of a new arts and culture facility that aligns with Council’s vision to make West Vancouver a liveable, vibrant, and inclusive community. 


The AFAC will:

(a) confirm an arts and culture facility vision and concept, by:

  • engaging with the arts and culture community, community user groups, and the public;

(b) recommend a framework for capital fundraising, by:

  • researching best practices in capital fundraising for arts and culture facilities; and
  • confirming best practices and developing a framework to guide capital fundraising; and

(c) recommend a governance model, by:

  • researching and collecting data on a variety of governance models;
  • soliciting public input and participation from community organizations and groups;
  • confirming values that will guide the development of a governance model; and
  • ensuring the long-term sustainable operation of an arts and culture facility.


An appointment is for a two-year term and members may serve up to six years on the committee.

Council Representative

Councillor Soprovich


Merla Beckerman, Rob Brown, Richard Finley, Gavin Froome, Bo Helliwell, Elaine McHarg, Latash-Maurice Nahanee, Graham Nicholls (Co-Chair), Cynthia Sully (Co-Chair), Jennifer Webb, Jason Wexler, and Ronald Yaworsky.

Staff Liaison

Christie Rosta, Cultural Services Manager



Terms of Reference

Arts & Culture Facilities Plan - June 2019

Arts & Culture Strategy - 2018–2023

Arts Facilities Site Identification Analysis - February 2020

Next meeting

Governance Subcommittee

Date: Tuesday, May 24
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Electronic meeting via Webex


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Password: westvan

Number: 2493 659 6765

Capital Funding Subcommittee

Date: Thursday, June 2
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Electronic meeting via Webex

Arts Facilities Advisory Committee

Date: Wednesday, June 15
Time: 3 p.m.
Location: In-person meeting in the Cedar Room, West Vancouver Community Centre

Public participation instructions

If you are interested in participating in this committee meeting, review instructions for public participation in committee meetings.

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Arts Facilities Advisory Committee 

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Arts Facilities Advisory Committee

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