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Arts & Culture Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) is to advise Council on the implementation of the West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy (2018–2023) and provide general oversight on arts and culture in the District of West Vancouver, taking into consideration the programming, physical administrative/governance, capital and operating funding, and ongoing operational aspects.


  • provide guidance to staff and Council on areas of general oversight on arts and culture in West Vancouver
  • advise and assist staff with prioritizing arts and culture strategies and incorporating them into annual divisional work plans
  • work in conjunction with staff to oversee subcommittees formed to focus on specific strategies and review findings and recommendations
  • provide input on the implementation of the West Vancouver Arts & Culture Strategy (2018–2023)
  • review and comment on matters pertaining to the ACAC’s purpose as referred by staff or Council


Normally, two-year terms to a maximum of six years, with a one-year term for appointees from Council.


Councillor Peter Lambur

Volunteer MEMBERS

Joanna Baxter, Patricia Bowles, Richard Finley, Paddy Macleod, Eden Oram-Killas, Kim Rosin, Scott Swan, and Sharon Tsangarakis


Doti Niedermayer, Senior Manager, Cultural Services



Terms of Reference

Next meeting

Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Location: Electronic meeting via Webex


The Provincial Health Officer prohibits members of the public from attending in person to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Details.

Members of the public who wish to listen and provide input can attend virtually via Webex.

View detailed instructions on joining a virtual committee meeting

Click the link below, enter your name, email address, and event password, then click "Join Now". Note: Only click "join by browser" if you do not plan on using your microphone.

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Password: westvan (Note: The password may auto-populate without you needing to fill it in.)

Number: 146 164 0239 (Note: The number can be used instead of the link to join the meeting at

Written submissions regarding matters that fall within the committee’s mandate can also be submitted to staff liaisons and will be circulated to members prior to a meeting for their information.

2021 meetings

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Arts & Culture Advisory Committee

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Communications Subcommittee

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