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Art Museum Advisory Committee


The Art Museum Advisory Committee (AMAC) acts as an advisory committee to Council and staff of the Parks, Culture & Community Services Division to guide long-term planning and to enhance and build community pride through the art museum’s programs and services. The AMAC also works with staff to set policy for the art museum’s public programs and services.

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary functions of the committee are:

  • Provide input, advocacy and advice on the Art Museum’s policies, procedures and strategic planning.
  • Provide advice on all issues pertaining to the Art Museum’s Permanent Collection according to Council’s established policy and procedures.
  • Assist with the implementation and enhancement of the Art Museum’s programs and services.
  • Assist in fundraising initiatives.
  • Provide a community link to business associations, residents and schools in an effort to develop partnerships, awareness and participation.
  • Provide advice regarding best practices for opportunities to advance the Art Museum’s programs and services.
  • Revise and comment on matters pertaining to the Art Museum’s purpose as referred by staff or Council.

The committee will annually:

  • Provide an annual report and work plan to Council.
  • Review the Terms of Reference.


An appointment or reappointment of a volunteer member is for a two-year term. A volunteer member may serve for up to six consecutive years on the committee.

The current members are appointed to the committee until December 31, 2018.

Council Members

Councillor Gambioli

Citizen Members

Fiorenza Albert-Howard, Harry Greenwood, Bo Helliwell, Desiree LaCas, Fanny Patterson, Massoume Price, Diana Becker, Karen Duffek, Rosa Jafari and Martin Kemble. 

Staff Liaison

Doti Niedermayer, Senior Manager, Cultural Services


Darrin Morrison, Museum Administrator/Curator



Terms of Reference

Next Meeting

In light of recent District decisions to halt public engagement processes, close facilities and promote social distancing, all upcoming board, committee and working group meetings until the end of April have been cancelled.

Please note that we will be reassessing the situation in April and determine if further cancellations are required at that point.

Notice: March 18

Notice: April 22

2020 Meetings

Art Museum Advisory Committee

Jan. 15 Cancelled  
Feb. 19 Notice  
Mar. 18 Cancelled  
Apr. 15 Rescheduled  
April 22 Cancelled  
May 20    
Jun. 17    
Jul. 15    
Sep. 16    
Oct. 21    
Nov. 18    


2019 Meetings

Art Museum Advisory Committee

Jan. 16 Notice Minutes
March 20 Notice Minutes
May 15 Notice Minutes
July 17 Notice Minutes
Sept. 18 Notice Minutes
Nov. 7 Notice Minutes
Nov. 20 Notice Minutes

Programming Subcommittee

Nov. 7 Notice Minutes

Fundraising Subcommittee

July 4 Notice Minutes
Sept. 6 Notice Minutes
Dec. 17 Notice Minutes

Arts & Culture Strategy AMAC Subcommittee

Feb. 26 Notice Minutes
March 26 Notice Minutes


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