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Board of Variance

The Board of Variance considers applications where compliance with applicable bylaws or legislation would cause hardship. The Board may order that a minor variance be permitted from those requirements.More details

Enhance West Van

Enhance West Van is a charitable society governed by a board of directors who live in the community. Enhance West Van provides oversight and management to the Ice Arena, Aquatic Centre and West Vancouver Community Centre through a Joint Operating Agreement with the District of West Vancouver.More details

Memorial Library Board

The West Vancouver Memorial Library Board is an autonomous body appointed by Municipal Council to manage the provision of a public library service in West Vancouver.More details

Police Board

A Municipal Police Board provides governance to the Police Department in accordance with the Police Act.More details

Seniors' Activity Centre Advisory Board

The Seniors' Activity Centre Board (SAC Board) and staff partner together for effective program and service delivery at the Seniors' Activity Centre.More details