Citizen Contribution to Governance


West Vancouver will inspire excellence and lead by example. Collaborative government and a spirit of personal civic commitment will power the innovations that shape our shared future. The strength of this relationship will secure our treasured quality of life and will be the measure of our success as a community.

West Vancouver’s vision outlines, at the highest level, the special relationship between citizens and their elected representatives in our community. Working jointly with Council and staff, West Vancouver’s citizens have made significant contributions to many of the long-term issues facing our community.

The body of work supported by this partnership covers all aspects of the municipality, the services provided, and aspirations for the future. Below you will find the reports, strategies and plans that were developed with citizen input, to shape our community’s direction.

Official Community Plan (OCP)

The District of West Vancouver's Official Community Plan (OCP) is the District's number one planning tool for the future. In June 2018, Council adopted the current OCP for West Vancouver. See for more information about the OCP review process.

Working Groups - Completed reports

The following working groups have completed their work and their final reports are available here.

Working Group Name Documents

Ambleside Town Centre  (July 2007) Supporting Documents

Arts and Culture Strategy (January 2008) Supporting Documents

Child Care Services Working Group (December 2010) Final Report

Climate Action Working Group (March 2010) Supporting Documents

Community Centre Governance (November 2007) Final Report

Community Dialogue on Neighbourhood Character and
Housing Working Group (September 2008)
Supporting Documents

Community Energy and Emissions Plan (2016) Supporting Documents

Community Grants/North Shore Social Services Review  
(July 2008)
Supporting Documents

Community Sports Working Group (October 2008) Final Report

Community Website Development Working Group (July 2013) Final Report

Environmental Strategy Implementation Working Group 
(July 2008)
Supporting Documents

Fiscal Sustainability Task Force (Nov 2006) Supporting Documents

Fire & Rescue Services Review (April 2008) Supporting Documents

Heritage Strategic Plan Implementation Working Group (October 2008) Supporting Documents

Housing Pilot Program Working Group (May 2010) Final Report

Measuring Up Initiative Working Group (July 2009) Final Report

Parks Master Plan Working Group (2012) Supporting Documents

Rodgers Creek Area Plan  (April 2008) Supporting Documents

Spirit Trail Working Group (July 2009) Supporting Documents

Strategic Planning Working Group (January 2010) Supporting Documents

Strategic Transportation Plan Working Group (April 2010) Supporting Documents

Value for Services Working Group (December 2009) Supporting Documents


Shoreline Protection Plan

The 2012-15 West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Plan is complemented by an action plan outlining upcoming work in West Vancouver. With contributions from West Vancouver citizens and groups such as the West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society and the West Vancouver Streamkeepers, the District now has a framework and roadmap to pro-actively work on protecting the waterfront.


Park Management Plans

Lighthouse Park Management Plan

In 1998, a group of residents formed the Lighthouse Park Preservation Society. Its goals are to:

  • work to protect the natural integrity of the park given its unique natural history and vulnerability to urban pressures
  • promote public awareness of the natural features of Lighthouse Park
  • promote public support for its preservation
  • support the development of biological zones along the park boundaries
  • to work to prevent development encroaching on the park.

In 2004, after almost two years of planning and community involvement, Council approved the Lighthouse Park Management Plan. 


Caulfeild Park Management Plan

The Caulfeild Park Management Plan is a detailed plan that outlines specific work to be done to maintain the landscape of this beautiful shoreline park. Rocky shores, sandy beaches, and forested trails co-exist in this unique community space. The plan ensures that the natural environment, views and walks are protected and maintained.
The Plan was created by a Task Force in the mid-1990s, in consultation with residents and adopted by Council in 1996. Parks Department staff are responsible for implementing the plan.


Finance Discussion Group

In 2011, an informal Finance Discussion Group of five West Vancouver residents (former members of the Finance Committee, Value for Services Working Group, Fiscal Sustainability Task Force, Interested Taxpayers’ Action Committee) has worked with the Chief Financial Officer in:

  • Developing guidelines to assist the District in establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for its departments and activities;
  • Reviewing the District’s budget and financial reporting processes. These Guidelines deal with Key Performance Indicators. They were prepared by the FDG to assist Departments in establishing KPIs appropriate for their activities and are not prescriptive. The Guidelines reflect practices in various jurisdictions and include information from W-Van and other municipalities. 

KPI Guidelines

KPI Guidelines - Appendix

Committees & Groups

Find out about current groups, and how you can get involved.

Committees & Groups

Working Group Guidelines

The Community Engagement Committee developed these guidelines to elicit citizen input through the working group process.

Working Group Guidelines