Development of an Arts & Culture Strategy for West Vancouver

One of the Council’s eight priorities is to update the District’s Arts & Culture Strategy. Arts and culture in West Vancouver incorporate a broad array of programs and services, community groups delivering arts programs, individual artists from all arts disciplines, participants, audiences and volunteers.


  • arts and culture contribute to the social fabric of the community by increasing community pride, social interaction, sharing of ideas, community identity and community wellness
  • the most recent comprehensive strategy that guided the District in the delivery of services was the 2005–2014 Celebration & Collaboration: Arts & Culture Strategy
  • over the last ten years, a number of planning processes have been conducted in West Vancouver around cultural services and facilities; these plans incorporated considerable community and stakeholder input and will provide a foundation for the new Arts & Culture Strategy


  • a five-year plan that identifies key initiatives, timelines and metrics to guide the District’s delivery of arts and culture services and programs; arts and culture also link to a number of other sectors such as economic sustainability, tourism, and education
  • Arts Facility Needs Assessment—a review of current facilities used by the District and community
  • cultural scan of community groups providing arts and culture services in West Vancouver
  • a comprehensive community engagement process that articulates the community’s vision and priorities for arts and culture services, programs and facilities
  • a process to develop key principles and criteria for decision-making to enable the District to prioritize its allocation of resources for the delivery of arts and culture services
  • an implementation plan that aims to develop a collaborative, coordinated and community-based approach to enhance the quality, access and delivery of arts and culture services in West Vancouver
  • an annual review process to ensure progress towards the vision and accomplishment of key priorities


A Steering Committee comprised of community members and the consulting firm MDB Insight are working with District staff to develop the strategy and lead the community consultation process.

The Strategy will be presented to Council in June 2018.


Community consultations were held in April and May 2017 with an online survey and several World Café events for stakeholder groups and residents of West Vancouver.

Intercept surveys were held in June and July 2017. 

A summary and assessment of the feedback from the community is contained in the document below:

Arts & Culture Strategy Research Summary and SOAR Assessment

Future opportunities to provide feedback will be posted here.


Doti Niedermayer
Senior Manager of Cultural Services



Summary Report

A summary and assessment of the feedback from the community is available:

Arts & Culture Strategy Research Summary and SOAR Assessment

Steering Committee

A steering committee of representatives from various sectors has been formed to work with the consultant and staff.

Steering Committee Members: Chief Janice George, Jacquie Gijssen (Co-Chair), Graham Nicholls (Co-Chair), Rob Gloor, Stephanie Jones, Paddy Macleod, Terry Pask, Tracey Tarling, Don Vaughan, Jackie Wong

Staff: Doti Niedermayer, Stephen Mikicich, Corinne Ambor, Christie Rosta

Program Coordinator: Imran Mitha

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