Permits & Licences

Permits and licences for homeowners.

Boulevard Encroachment Permits

Residents are responsible for maintaining the boulevards adjacent to their property. The strip of land that separates the edge of the road and the residential lot is municipal property, but it also forms a natural extension of the property for purposes of access.

You need an Encroachment Permit to place the following items on your boulevard:

  • parking spaces
  • retaining walls that are part of a driveway (retaining walls over 4 feet require a building permit)
  • driveway heating coils closer than two metres to the road
  • access steps
  • low fences: up to 1.0 metres high for any fence. Up to than 1.2 metres high if a semi-transparent design. If the boulevard slopes below the road elevation, then the fence may be up to 1.8 metres high
  • gate posts up to 1.8 metres and pillars up to 1.2 metres high
  • rocks and similar obstructions spaced intermittently up to 1.2 metres high
  • a berm, retaining or garden wall up to 1.2 metres high (walls higher than four feet require a building permit)
  • a pedestrian entry gate up to 3.5 metres high

​For specific details on what you can place on your boulevard, see Boulevards and Encroachments.

Boulevard and Encroachments

To apply for a permit, or for more information, call or visit the Planning Department:


3rd Floor, Municipal Hall
750 17th Street
West Vancouver  BC

Building Permits

Building permit requirements and forms

Building permits

Dog Licences

If your dog is older than six months, it needs a licence and must wear its tag.

Licence fees collected enable Bylaw and Licensing Services to bring your pet back to you quickly, often within a 24-hour period. As a part of the Drive Home Program, any licensed dog found by a bylaw officer will be taken to the owner’s front door. Licence fees also allow Bylaw and Licensing Services to provide emergency medical care for injured cats and dogs that are found.

How to get a dog licence

  • buy your dog a tag from one of the following locations:
  • for dogs who are spayed or neutered the licence fee is $25 (a veterinary report or other proof is required) and when paid before the annual renewal date ($45 after the renewal date)
  • for dogs who are not spayed or neutered, the licence fee is $65 and when paid before the annual renewal date ($85 after that date)
  • if you’re new to town and have a dog licence from any other British Columbia municipality, bring it to Municipal Hall and get a West Vancouver licence for $10

Replacements for lost licence tags are $10.

Once your dog is licensed, we’ll send you a renewal notice each year. Renew online.

Dog Licence Application Form

On-line licence renewal

West Vancouver SPCA

Electrical Permits

All electrical permits must be taken out on your behalf by a provincially-qualified contractor, unless you can satisfy the electrical inspector that you have the knowledge and skills appropriate to do the work.

Electrical Permits


Fireworks Permits


Halloween fireworks are fun but safety needs to be your priority. Here are basic rules for fireworks:

  • only legal  in West Vancouver between October 25 and October 31
  • can only be used by an adult with a fireworks permit
  • permits are sold between October 13 and October 30, 2015
  • fireworks permits cost $5, payable by cash only
  • to get a permit, apply in person at No. 1 Fire Hall, 760 16th Street
  • it is illegal to use fireworks without a permit. Fines start at $500.
  • an application form must be completed in person at time of purchase
  • must be 18 years and over to purchase. Please bring valid photo ID.

Fireworks at other times of the year

If you plan to use fireworks as part of a private function, such as a wedding, birthday party or other special occasion, please follow these rules.

To ensure the safety of all your guests, you will need to arrange for a site inspection before a permit is issued. Private function permits cost $52.50. Please call the Fire Department at 604-925-7370.

More fireworks information and regulations

  • it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, transport or use fireworks
  • fireworks are illegal to use on any highway, street, park, playground, school grounds or any other public place within the District of West Vancouver
  • fireworks must be used on private property only with the written consent of the property owner
  • it is illegal to discharge, propel, point or throw any fireworks at any person, animal, vehicle, building, structure, hedge or vegetation
  • Roman candles, rockets and other noisemakers are legal only if they make up not more than 30% of a family pack of fireworks. Your fireworks retailer should be familiar with these regulations and assist you in your purchase

Home-based Businesses

Home-based businesses can be a great option for sole proprietors, small family businesses and start-ups, but you need a business licence. Please visit Permits and Licences for details.

Permits and Licences


Liquor Licences

If you're planning a wedding or party, you may need a Special Occasion Liquor Licence. Please visit Permits and Licences for details.

Permits and Licences

Parking Permits – Residential

Permit parking is available for residents in the following areas:

  • Mathers Avenue between 15th Street and 19th Street
  • Horseshoe Bay: Nelson Ave., Raleigh St., Chatham St., Royal Ave., Argyle Ave., Douglas St., Bruce St, Bay St., Keith Rd.
  • 5800 Block Eagle Island
  • 2200 Block Chippendale Road

Residents in these areas can obtain a permit by applying in person at Municipal Hall and providing the following:

  • copy of the vehicle’s insurance papers, indicating the address
  • copy of your driver’s licence, indicating address
  • fee of $25 plus taxes

The parking permit is valid for the calendar year. A renewal notice will be sent to you in December each year.

Contact us:

In person:

Bylaw and Licensing Services
750 17th Street, West Vancouver BC, V7V 3T3
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

604-925-7152 (8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday to Friday)

Plumbing, Drainage, Hot Water Heating, Sprinkling (Mechanical)

Mechanical permits include: plumbing, drainage, hot water heating, sprinkling. The District of West Vancouver does not issue gas permits.

Mechanical Permits

Sign Permits

If you plan to put up a sign to advertise your business, or alter an existing sign, you’ll need a permit. You need a business licence before you can apply for a sign permit.

Before you apply, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Sign Bylaw to understand what is and is not permitted. If it’s not mentioned in the bylaw, it’s not permitted.

To apply, you’ll need to provide a completed application form and include the following:

  • exact wording proposed
  • a scale drawing showing:
    • size of sign (height & width)
    • dimension of lettering (height & width), depth
    • sign colors and materials
    • width and height of store facade
  • location of sign on building and method of attachment (for new canopies and awnings additional drawings)
  • West Vancouver Business Licence


Sign Permit Application Form
Sign Bylaw


New conforming sign - $125
Change existing conforming sign - $80

Guidelines for permitted signs

Facia Signs
Awnings and Suspended Signs
Freestanding, Projecting and Signs on Exterior Wall Projections

Types of signs that are not permitted

  • sandwich boards
  • temporary freestanding signs
  • second storey facia, awning and canopy signs
  • banners, balloons and bunting
  • inflatable devices
  • revolving, animated, flashing or moving signs




Special Events Permit

If you are hosting an event with vendors, and/or a for-profit event, you will also need a Special Events Business Licence as the organizer.  Write “Special Event” under Business Description.

Please provide the following:

  1. Completed Special Events Permit application form
  2. Permit fee
    ​$150 plus tax for non-profit events
    $300 plus tax for commercial events
    Proof of insurance
  3. Site layout and route map for walks and runs (if applicable)
  4. Copy of event brochure, advertising material and event website (if applicable)

Please provide the above documents by mail or in person to:

District of West Vancouver
Attn. Special Events
750 17th Street
West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T3

Ensure all vendors at your event have:

  1. A West Vancouver Business Licence: all vendors need a West Vancouver Business Licence and should indicate on the licence application that they are applying for a Peddler’s Licence, valid in West Vancouver at one or more events during the calendar year. They can indicate “Peddler’s Licence” under Business Description.

  2. A Temporary Food Service Application  for food vendors. This is a Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) requirement and needs to be submitted by the event coordinator or food service provider to the VCH health office a minimum of 14 days before the event.

More Information

Special Events Policy

Special Events Procedure

Fees and Charges Bylaw Section 17


Magda Kwaterska, Special Events Coordinator


Sprinkling Permit

Seasonal lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from May 15 to October 15, every year. To water lawns outside of permitted regular sprinkling hours, a special lawn sprinkling permit is required.

Lawn sprinkling permits are approved only for newly seeded or turfed lawns, or to allow extra lawn irrigation during nematode application for pest management. Please note, nematode treatment will be most effective if applied in the third and fourth week of July.

Permit details:

  • permit is free
  • expires three weeks from the date permit is issued
  • receipt for the purchase of nematodes must be presented to Engineering as confirmation
  • permit must be displayed during sprinkling outside of designated watering hours

How to apply for a lawn sprinkling permit

Visit the Engineering Department located on the third floor at Municipal Hall.

Water is fully metered, which means you pay based on how much water you use. Additional water used for irrigation during nematode application will be accounted for on your quarterly water bill. Permit holders are reminded to conserve water and not to sprinkle unnecessarily.

Street Occupancy Permit

A street occupancy permit is required whenever any portion of municipal property (i.e. boulevard, sidewalk, roadway or public lane) is temporarily occupied. Submit an application form with a sketch showing the area of intended occupancy and a copy of an insurance certificate naming the District of West Vancouver as additional insured.

Street Occupancy Permit Application Form

This application must be submitted five working days prior to the intended occupancy date. Once the application has been reviewed, the Traffic Technologist will send you instructions to submit payment online. After payment, the permit is then emailed to you.


$100+$2 x area (square metres) x/weeks (minimum one week)

For more information or to submit an application, contact:

Stephen Wells, Engineering Assistant


Tree Cutting Permits

Private Property Tree Cutting Permits

The District is consulting the community regarding tree protection on private lands and will report back to Council in July 2016. Until then, an Interim Tree Bylaw is in place to protect identified trees until Council considers a long-term strategy for tree protection.

Private Property Tree Cutting Permit Application

Interim Tree Bylaw

Contact the Planning Department for questions regarding Private Property Tree Cutting Permits and the Interim Tree Bylaw:



Municipal Boulevard Tree Permits 

Required before any tree work can be done on public land, such as boulevards or parks, on private property near streams or in covenanted areas.

Tree work is described in the following categories:

  • low-impact – single tree pruning, for example, re-topping a hedge
  • medium impact – for example, tree removal (small trees) or pruning multiple trees
  • high impact – defined on a case-by-case basis if the work exceeds the above definitions
  • private property – trees are on private property but a permit is required because they are within a watercourse area or in a covenanted area

1.    Before submitting your application for a Municipal Boulevard Tree Permit for tree work on public land, you will need to:

  • find a tree contractor from the list provided. Obtain a quote and scope of work to be included in your application
  • get neighbourhood approval. Contact your neighbours within a 30-metre radius for low-impact work, or a 50-metre radius for medium or high-impact work, and have them sign the consent form. A minimum of 80 per cent of your neighbours need to approve to work before you can submit your application.

2.     Complete the application form

 Municipal Boulevard Tree Permit

a.  clearly define the proposed scope of work

b.  include a sketch or legal plan indicating legal ownership of the trees

c.  tag all trees being considered for work for inspection by municipal staff

d.  include the signed consent forms you obtained from your neighbours. While only 80 per cent consent is required to submit your application, the District will send letters to any neighbours from whom you do not receive consent  forms to ensure that all neighbours have been given a chance to comment

3.    Send the completed application in by one of the following methods:

  • Mail: Parks, Culture and Community Services,  Arboriculture Office
    3755 Cypress Bowl Road, West Vancouver V7S 3E7
  • email
  • f: 604-925-7140

4.    Once your application has been received and processed, an invoice will be emailed to you. This usually takes a couple of days.


Private property – $100
Low impact – $100
Medium Impact – $100
High Impact – Not being accepted at this time.

Application fees are non-refundable.

You can pay the invoice in one of the following ways:

  • Online
  • In person at the main floor of Municipal Hall at 750 17th Street

5.    The review of a completed application usually takes two to three weeks.

6.    If your application is approved, a permit will be sent directly to the contractor identified on your application.

7.    You must notify the District at least 48 hours prior to beginning work. The tree permit must be on site during the work, and no debris is to be left behind.

8.    A final inspection of the work must be conducted. Call 604-925-7192 to schedule an inspection.

Approved Tree Contractors

Neighbourhood Support Form

Tree Policy


Arboriculture Office


Underground Oil Tank Detection & Removal

Buried fuel storage tanks have significant potential for environmental contamination. If an oil tank on your property leaks, you could be liable for damages.

Find out how to determine if there is an oil tank on your property, and what to do about it.


Wedding Permits

West Vancouver's parks are desireable locations for weddings. There are two types of permits to choose from to hold a wedding in a park.

  1. Non-exclusive Wedding Permit (or photo session)
    Duration: one hour including set-up and clean-up
    Capacity: 40 people
    Cost: $130.00 + tax 
    Locations: Ambleside Park, Dundarave Park, John Lawson Park, Memorial Park, Seawalk Garden, Whytecliff Park. Other locations may be available upon request with special permission. Not available: Lighthouse Park, Caulfeild Park
  2. Wedding Permit for Exclusive Designated Area
    Duration: Two hours, plus 30 minutes each to set-up and clean-up
    Capacity: 100 people
    Cost: $400 + tax 
    Locations: Gleneagles Golf Course, Whytecliff Park. Exclusive weddings are limited to these two locations. Sorry—no exceptions.

To apply, fill out the application form and mail or deliver it to:

Wedding Permit Application

Parks & Community Services Offices, Third Floor
West Vancouver Community Centre
2121 Marine Drive, V7V 4Y2

For more information:

Pamela Jones


Weddings in Parks

Business Permits

Visit the Business section for Business licences and other business-related permits.