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Office of the Mayor   
Executive Assistant to the Mayor and CAO - Sabia Curran 604-925-7012
Email or call a member of Council directly Council
Office of the CAO  
Chief Administrative Officer - Nina Leemhuis 604-925-7002
Executive Assistant to the Mayor and CAO - Sabia Curran 604-925-7012
Manager of Community Relations - Kristi Merilees 604-925-7008
Communications Director - Jeff McDonald 604-925-4736
Office of the Deputy CAO  
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer - Brent Leigh 604-925-7003
Manager of Environment and Sustainability - Sandra Bicego 604-913-2774
North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO) - Dorit Mason 604-969-7000
Partnerships - Brent Leigh 604-925-7003
Manager of Special Events - Christie Rosta 604-913-2777
Legislative Services 604-925-7004
Manager of Legislative Services/Municipal Clerk - Sheila Scholes 604-925-7045
24-Hour Council Agenda Information Line 604-925-7005
Lands, Bylaws, First Nations and Legal Affairs  
Director of Lands, Bylaws, First Nations and Legal Affairs - Mark Chan 604-925-7098
Manager of Bylaw & Licensing Services - Sarah Almas 604-925-7153
Bylaw Enforcement and Licensing Enquiries 604-925-7152
Financial Services  
Chief Financial Officer - Michael Koke 604-921-3490
Accounts Payable Enquiries 604-925-7031
Tax and Utility Enquiries 604-925-7032
Purchasing 604-925-7060
Human Resources and Payroll Services 604-925-7044
Director of HR and Payroll Services - Lauren Hughes 604-925-7075
Parks and Community Services 604-925-7200
Director, Parks and Community Services - Anne Mooi 604-925-7235
Senior Manager of Community Services - Sue Ketler 604-925-7126
Manager of Community Recreation - Steve Kellock 604-921-3402
Manager of Community Recreation - Jill Lawlor 604-925-7286
Manager, Community Development, Youth and Families - Arleta Beckett 604-921-3404
Senior Manager of Parks - Andrew Banks 604-925-7139
Manager of Parks Planning & Community Stewardship - Corinne Ambor 604-925-7138
Manager of Parks Operations - Ian Haras 604-925-7143
Manager of Parks Arboriculture and Horticulture - Dan Henegar 604-925-7137
Executive Director, WV Community Centres Society - Rob Needham 604-921-3493
Recreation Facilities Main Line 604-925-7270
Report a problem or place a service request (or report online) 604-925-7275
District Arborist Office 604-925-7192
Engineering and Transportation 604-925-7020
Director, Engineering and Transportation - Raymond Fung 604-925-7159
Acting Manager, Utilities - Andy Kwan 604-925-7027
Acting Manager, Roads - Norm Wong 604-925-7157
Manager, Engineering Services - Phil Bates 604-925-7039
Manager, North Shore Recycling Program 604-984-9730
Manager, Transit - Gareth Rowlands 604-985-3500
Report a problem or place a service request (or report online) 604-925-7101
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Planning, Land Development and Permits 604-925-7055
Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits - Bob Sokol 604-925-7058
Manager of Community Planning - Stephen Mikicich 604-925-7056
Manager of Development Planning - Chris Bishop 604-925-7059
Manager of Permits and Inspections - Manjit Sohi 604-925-7246
Manager of Land Development - Tony Tse 604-925-7109
Permits Inspection Request Line 604-925-7041
General Permit Enquiries 604-925-7040
Fire & Rescue Services 604-925-7370
Fire Chief - Randy Heath 604-925-7382
Fire Prevention Office 604-925-7370
Police Department 604-925-7300
Chief Constable - Len Goerke 604-925-7309
Memorial Library 604-925-7400
Director of Library Services - Jenny Benedict 604-925-7274
Library Hours Information Line 604-925-7401
Home Library Service 604-925-7437


Municipal Hall

750  17th Street
West Vancouver, BC  V7V 3T3
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday


Public Works emergencies*

604-925-7101 (daytime)

604-925-7100 (after hours)

24-hour Council agenda information:

Community Recreation Information:


Fire/Police/Ambulance/Search and Rescue (ask for police):

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Public Works Emergencies*

Emergency service for roads, parks, water and sewer:

604-925-7101 (daytime)

604-925-7100 (after hours)

* Please Note: If utilities crews are called out to attend a water/sewer emergency and the cause is determined to be the homeowner's responsibility, not the muncipality's, crews are happy to assist, but fees may be required.


For information on emergency preparedness and management on the North Shore, contact the North Shore Emergency Management Office:




Service Request

To submit a request for service or to report a non-emergency problem: